17 Items Celebrity Stylists Won't Travel Without

Lauren Eggertsen

Leaving the house before any kind of travel basically always induces a frenzy. Do you have your charger? Your wallet? Enough clothing? And so on and so forth. Unfortunately, all of those scattered last-minute thoughts tend to be limited to the absolute essentials, not necessarily the items that make you comfortable and at ease while travelling. Everyone's travel needs vary, but if there's any group of people who know the ins and outs of efficient packing and carry-on essentials, it's celebrity stylists.

These people dress other human beings for a living, and this includes much more than the red carpet. In fact, the majority of a stylists job is dressing their celebrity clients for their day-to-day lives and vacations, too (and, yes, sometimes the more glamorous moments). After years of experience, these women know what frequently makes a travel experience a positive one for not just themselves, but their clients as well. So, naturally, we tapped them for intel.

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