The 21 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

The thing about celebrity engagement rings is that the longer you read about them, the more skewed your perception of “expensive” becomes. A ring that costs $150,000 is no longer considered worth a second glance when you compare it to one that costs $8.8 million—when in reality, nearly every celebrity engagement ring is absurdly beautiful, large, and therefore pricey. 

Sure, we think pretty much any engagement ring is pretty to look at, but these rings are so over the top that there’s no way you wouldn’t stop and stare. And while making it to the top 21 is an impressive feat, in the world of over-the-top engagement rings, there still can be only one that takes the cake. So on whose finger does the most expensive ring rest? Keep reading for the answer.  

To find out who owns (or owned) of the 21 most expensive rings of all time, click through the gallery below!