7 Ways Celebs Are Wearing Ugg Boots in 2019

Erin Fitzpatrick

As much as we love to cover forward-thinking trends that shape the industry, we can't ignore certain items that have truly stood the test of time, such as Ugg boots. Some people may still associate the shoes with the early 2000s when everyone from Kate Moss to Paris Hilton popularised the boots. But celebrities are firmly on board with Ugg boots in 2019, and I've found the outfits to prove it.

Naomi Watts, for instance, showed off a stylish pair of Ugg boots with a Mother sherpa jacket, cosy scarf, beanie, and skinny jeans. Diana Ross, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, and Katie Holmes all went the oversize route with roomy jackets and coats, while Reese Witherspoon wore a grey sweater and designer bag. Scroll down to see how seven celebrities have worn Ugg boots in 2019 so far and shop the brand.

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