This Accessory Is Taking Over the Celebrity World

Aemilia Madden

As far as It accessories go, we can usually count on a bag or pair of shoes to blow up, but it's not all too often that a belt becomes the one most-coveted piece. But if any brand could pull off a style surprise, it's Gucci (the brand that basically dominated 2016). First, we saw the brand's signature logo belt pop up all over our Instagram feed. But the blogger favourite has found a second wind as a must-own among our favourite celebs. 

The cult item makes for an easy way to dress up a simple jeans-and-tee combination, but as proven by the looks below, it can also be used for more dressy ensembles. So if you're feeling ready to up your accessory game, take a cue from your favourite trendsetters and give the belted look a try!

Read on to see how celebs are wearing their Gucci logo belts now!

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