8 Style Snafus Celebs Over 40 Never Make

We’re inspired by women of every age. Despite the industry’s laser focus on what’s youthful and new, celebrities over 40 in particular often step out in some of the most forward looks, having really been able to hone in on their personal style over the years. Given their decades of sartorial experience, there’s clearly a thing or two to learn from this trendsetting crowd regarding what styling mistakes to avoid.

In fact, after scrolling through recent imagery of some of our favorite fashion A-listers, it became evident that celebs over 40 basically never give in to some of the most common style snafus. We’re showcasing the vibes we’re inspired by on a daily basis from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Kerry Washington, and more. Keep scrolling and get inspired to embrace your style—no matter where your birthday falls.