Thanks to This Styling Trick, I'm Wearing My Summery Items to Work

Anna LaPlaca

Getting dressed for work sends me through a mini anxiety attack in the summer. With amazing weather and vacations on the brain, naturally, all I want to wear are the plethora of cute summery items that I've recently been adding to my wardrobe. But the prospect of shivering underneath the chilly AC in a little tank top or risking ruining my outfit by wearing a big jacket on top sends me into a spiral of confusion. How do I dress for work when I'm mentally at the beach?

I've devised a styling trick to wearing my favourite summer pieces and pulling off a work-appropriate look in one fell swoop. Oh, and it couldn't be easier to achieve. Layering a plain white T-shirt or button-down underneath crop tops, wrap dresses, and tube tops, among other items, has saved both my wardrobe and my sanity. I like to think of it as the best of both worlds—like having your cake and eating it too.

If you want to have your dream summer wardrobe and maximise its potential, look no further than the casual summer work outfits that will let you do both. Below I'm showing you which pieces the styling trick works best on, along with how myself and my co-workers are already putting it to use.

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