19 Casual Outfit Ideas That Aren't Boring

by Conchita Widjojo

Let’s admit it—we all have those times where lounging around in sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt all day sounds like the most satisfying thing in the world and actually putting together a full ensemble sounds completely dreadful. Well, lucky for the fashion girls out there, getting dressed doesn’t have to be as challenging as we make it up to be. Thanks to their genius casual outfit ideas, whether it’s combining two unlikely pieces together or throwing on a festive accessory to spice up your outfit, toning down a bit has actually never been more exciting.

To ensure you’re getting the coolest (and the easiest) outfit ideas ever, we’ve looked to some of our favourite bloggers to find out how they assemble the more relaxed pieces in their wardrobe while still remaining true to their personal style.

Scroll down to discover these casual outfit ideas and to shop each of their looks.

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