What to Wear on a Lunch Date, Explained

So you planned a lunch date, now what to wear? While it might not require the polished ensemble that drinks in the evening may require, you still want to dress to impress. Whether you’re meeting your significant other for a leisurely bite during your lunch break or have a brunch planned for the weekend, you want to wear an outfit that’ll not only show off your signature style (effortlessly, of course) but will also be suitable for the rest of your day.

With the casual nature of this type of date, why not have a few charming date-appropriate looks up your sleeve? To get you started on some easy looks for any type of date, we’ve put together an arsenal of outfits that embody the casual-cool look you’re going for. These outfits will take you from a morning filled with errands straight to the table with your beau. 

With these outfits, there's no doubt that you'll be feeling confident and comfortable for your date.

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