A Roundup of The Shoes Carrie Bradshaw Would Buy in 2018


Getty Images

No matter how many years go by, we still find ourselves turning to Carrie Bradshaw for fashion inspiration. And just like Carrie, no matter how many pairs of shoes we have, we always find ourselves lusting after more. Luckily for us all, 2018’s funky, fun vibe lends itself perfectly to cool new shoe trends. It seems like almost every day that a newer, cooler pair of shoes catches our eyes—and we’re all for it.

Just like Carrie, we can easily find/ invent reasons to add the coolest shoes to our closet, and we can’t help but wonder: What would Carrie Bradshaw do (WWCBD)? Were she living in 2018 (and not a fictional character), which styles would the New Yorker buy first?

Would she be a fan of Jacquemus’s crazy heel shapes, or would she lean more towards Attico’s embellished sandals? The subject was worth some further consideration, so we took a little time to shop out the styles Bradshaw would likely love in 2018. Based on some of her famous footwear of seasons past, here are the styles we think Carrie Bradshaw would be spotted wearing this year. Keep scrolling to see our picks, and if your inner Carrie just can’t help it, maybe even shop them for yourself.


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