5 Iconic Carrie Bradshaw Outfits to Inspire Your Summer Style

by Madison Levine

Many stylish female leads have made memorable appearances on television, but none have left a mark quite so impactful as Carrie Bradshaw’s on Sex and the City. The sartorial masterpieces that costume designer Patricia Field created for each episode had fashion-lovers tuning in for more every week.

From gorgeous floral dresses to sexy slips, Carrie could rock any garment—casual or fancy, subtle or flamboyant. Her iconic outfits provided endless eye candy, leaving us all with a serious case of shoe envy and the urge to shop for clothes just like hers. Simply put, you could always count on Carrie for great fashion.

The legendary lead character has us wondering what we could wear this summer to honour her one-of-a-kind style. Keep scrolling to see some great options to help boost your summer style, inspired by our favourite clothes-hoarding, shoe-obsessed trendsetter: Carrie Bradshaw.

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