Lately I've Been Wanting Cargo Pants and I'm Really Scared

Lauren Eggertsen

I've been marinating on my resistance toward cargo pants for quite some time now. I see the trend everywhere (yes, they're officially a trend again) and want to participate in it, yet there is something holding me back. With one quick fact check with my old friend Merriam-Webster, I realised what's holding me back is my pride. My favourite definition of this word is "a reasonable or justifiable self-respect." I love justifying things. I love justice. But unfortunately I love it more in the petty sense. Rather than running rampant screaming "Let's go fight injustice worldwide!" I text my friends paragraphs about how I have personally been victimised by an (insignificant yet upsetting) injustice like my ex-boyfriend spreading rumours about why we broke up or not being able to get into my favourite ClassPass class. Life is so hard! 

By now you're probably wondering how on earth this relates to cargo pants. It relates because I have, in the past, spoken negatively about cargo pants. There, I said it. I may or may not have even made fun of people who wore them because apparently I was a fashion bully. So now I find myself in a pickle. Wearing said cargo pants will simultaneously label me a hypocrite and strip me of my pride. Am I ready for that? Am I ready to face the world and admit that I was wrong about cargo pants never being cool again unless you are wearing them in a room that is pitch-black? I told you, I was a fashion bully and am very opinionated. Not saying any of that is ok, but here we are.

Basically, this story is a public declaration of my sincerest apologies for ever speaking poorly of cargo pants, a confession that I am scared to wear them, and a promise that I will, despite my pride, buy a pair and wear them with confidence. I honestly think the return of this pant trend feels fresh and exciting. There are so many ways to style them that after owning a pair, you and I may even consider swapping our jeans out for the trend. At least for a few weeks. 

Before, I would have never reported this as good news, but I am a changed woman, so telling you that there are actually tons of incredible cargo pant styles to choose from is exciting. And if camouflage prints and oversize mysteriously placed pockets frighten you, the simpler utility styles might better suit you. If you need some styling inspiration, I've pulled a few of my favourite and most approachable street style shots of women wearing cargo pants. Additionally, I shopped out the many pairs I am loving right now so you too can immediately hop on the cargo pant train. 

After this long-winded story about my journey to accepting cargo pants, I hope you don't end up hating me but start loving the trend instead. Don't let me know if it ends up being the former.

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