Please Keep Inviting Cardi B to Fashion Week, "Okurrr"?

Gina Marinelli

Every season, fashion week has its darling—a relative newcomer whose star is on the rise and who makes an appearance front row, usually for the first time. Sometimes they sit next to a big-name editor (e.g., Anna Wintour), sometimes it’s a sign that a major magazine cover is in their near future, and this season, that darling was, hands down, Cardi B.

While The New York Times has deemed her the winner of fashion week, we see more to it. Cardi didn’t just win moment in the spotlight; she earned it, and as anyone obsessed with her Instagram can attest, she was also one of the best personalities to follow around on her NYFW adventure. The artist dressed to the nines but clearly demonstrated her appreciation for the value of an affordable pair of shoes. She reposted photos of her own viral memes. Mostly, she let the world know how much it meant for her to be at fashion week, wearing clothing that simply isn't as accessible to most 25-year-old women.

Simply put, as much as we love seeing fashion week firsthand, it was also pretty amazing getting the experience through her eyes—not to mention her totally uncensored Instagram. See our favourite moments are below.

Opening Image: Getty Images

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