Please Keep Inviting Cardi B to Fashion Week, "Okurrr"?

Every season, fashion week has its darling—a relative newcomer whose star is on the rise and who makes an appearance front row, usually for the first time. Sometimes they sit next to a big-name editor (e.g., Anna Wintour), sometimes it’s a sign that a major magazine cover is in their near future, and this season, that darling was, hands down, Cardi B.

While The New York Times has deemed her the winner of fashion week, we see more to it. Cardi didn’t just win moment in the spotlight; she earned it, and as anyone obsessed with her Instagram can attest, she was also one of the best personalities to follow around on her NYFW adventure. The artist dressed to the nines but clearly demonstrated her appreciation for the value of an affordable pair of shoes. She reposted photos of her own viral memes. Mostly, she let the world know how much it meant for her to be at fashion week, wearing clothing that simply isn't as accessible to most 25-year-old women.

Simply put, as much as we love seeing fashion week firsthand, it was also pretty amazing getting the experience through her eyes—not to mention her totally uncensored Instagram. See our favorite moments are below.

Caption: “I want all your shmoneish.”

To be fair, if you wanted to buy the entire collection of any runway show at New York Fashion Week, it might very well cost “all your shmoneish.” So we’ll take this as Cardi’s ultimate sigh of approval following the Jeremy Scott show.

Caption: “Pulled up to @csiriano like. Fur: @duckie_confetti.”

Ask any seasoned street style star: Making an impactful entrance into a runway show is everything. (And shouting out your outfit credits is key, too!)

Caption: “Now you wanna pistol whip me @csiriano.”

It seems as though Christian Siriano’s collection totally knocked her out.

Caption: “Thank you again @alexanderwangny! Styled by @kollincarter.”

Cardi might have sat front row for some very high-end designers’ shows for the first time this week, but that doesn’t change a girl entirely. She’s still a fan of the brands she’s loved all along. Hello, Steve Madden boots.

Caption: “Anna Wintour is about that life!!”

Fashion week is a major networking opportunity and a chance for industry insiders to connect with colleagues and friends, both old and new, who they may possibly collaborate with in the future. Consider this front-row photo of Cardi and Anna Wintour to be like a LinkedIn endorsement from each of them.

Caption: “Me and Anna Wintour killin the Alexander Wang runway. The Models couldn’t stand us.”

No extra commentary is needed here.

Caption: “REAL relationship Not Relationship goals. Happy V-day my love ❤️ily, I don’t know how we deal with each other, we both crazy.”

The recently engaged artist didn't just become a part of NYFW this year; she brought her own life into it too. Namely fiancé Offset.

Caption: “Wearing shit i always wanted to wear.”

Cardi B has worked hard, stays true to herself, and is loving every minute of her success, including wearing the clothes she’s “always wanted to.” Here’s hoping we see it continue at September fashion week, too.

Opening Image: Getty Images

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