The 1 Bra Mistake You Should Never Make

Aemilia Madden


As women, we pride ourselves in being well versed in all things bra-related. Always get measured by a professional, hand-wash the delicate ones (not that we always do), the list goes on, But, recently we learned a surprising new rule – and it's bound to come in handy with all the holiday travel on the horizon. According to Ra’el Cohen, Head of Design at ThirdLove, you should never fold a bra. "When you're packing bras, maintaining shape is key. If you fold your bras in half, you can potentially wrinkle the memory foam in the cups, or damage your bra's underwire," she says. 

Instead, "laying your bras flat, nested inside one another should do the trick," Cohen suggests. You can also utilise items like socks or a t-shirt to help fill out the cups and keep them from getting crushed in your stuffed suitcase. So, before you head out of town for the holidays, make sure to take a little extra care with your bras, they're delicates after all.

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