Camilla Embraced Multiple Generations at Fashion Week Australia

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Last night, Camilla rounded out Fashion Week Australia with a closing show that was nothing short of astounding. From the flower-gilded set, to the flowy patterned garments, everything about the presentation worked together in a way that was truly memorable. The Japanese inspired designs paired with the fantastical atmosphere brought the collection to life in a dreamy fantasy land we couldn’t help but want to immerse ourselves in.

Along with the breathtaking detailing, hand emboirdery, woven jacquard, ribbons and patternwork Camilla is so well known for, the new collection also featured more tailored silhouettes that gave the brand’s signature style an updated feel. While the collection itself was undeniably inspiring, something else also caught our attention: The models. While runway models typically err on the side of late-teens to early-twenties, the Camilla show featured a wide range of ages, spanning multiple generations during the ephemeral presentation. Along with a few very young girls who made an appearance together, a number of well-known older models took to the runway as well including Emma Balfour, Sarah Jane Adams, and Lou Kenny.

In an industry that has for so long been notorious for its lack of inclusivity, to see new representation on the runways was a breath of fresh air. After all, fashion is for everyone, so the ways in which its presented should reflect that. Not only did this range of ages at the Camilla show speak to a more inclusive ideology within the brand, but it also highlighted the timelessness of design. By seeing the collection worn on women of multiple generations, it was easy to envision Camilla’s recently collection as something decidedly timeless.

While there is unquestionably still a long way to go in terms of visibility and diversity in fashion, even a small step in the right direction is worthy of applause. If nothing else, the portrayal of different generations made a powerful statement about the power of clothing and its prevalence throughout an entire lifetime—and we can’t imagine the show would have been better had the garments been presented any other way. To see some of our favourite looks from the Camilla Resort ‘19 show, click through the gallery below.


Love Camilla? The runway collection is available to shop online and in stores.

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