Camilla and Marc Returns to Fashion Week Australia After a 5 Year Hiatus

Fashion Week Australia kicked off this afternoon with Camilla and Marc opening the schedule. It's been five long years since Camilla and Marc's last fashion week show, and the label's highly anticipated return did not disappoint. From the incredible set that transported the audience to another planet, to the star-studded front row (we spotted everyone from Elsa Pataky, to Sylvia Jeffreys, and Carmen Hamilton), every element of the show set the tone for the week ahead. 

The brand turns 15 this year, and it made perfect sense to return to fashion week—right where it all began in 2003. So to get a little insight on the preparation that goes into it, we spoke to Camilla Freeman-Topper. The brand’s co-founder opened up about how the brand has evolved, and a whole lot more. Read on for the interview, and your first look at Camilla and Marc Resort 19. 


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How does it feel to kick off Fashion Week Australia?

We’re all feeling hugely nostalgic. It’s been five years since our last Australian fashion week show, and we’re really looking forward to returning and opening the week. It’s also a big celebration moment for us—it’s our 15 year anniversary so it’s been a really beautiful time to stop, pause and appreciate how far we’ve come.

How has your brand grown since you first participated in fashion week? 

We’ve learnt a lot, we’ve grown a lot and as we’ve evolved personally, so has the business.

What was the inspiration behind this season’s collection?

Resort 19 explores what’s next—future—through the lens of powerful women throughout time that have shaped our notion of beauty. The show set we’ve created for the collection reflects the theme of boundlessness and a sense of boldness, embodying a new age female. One of vitality and strength—setting her own path for the future.

Reflection was also a strong theme throughout the design process. Not only the qualities reflected in the women who inspired us, but we found ourselves deep in reflection in our 15 year anniversary. A big part of that was appreciating our journey, our story, our Australian heritage and what we’ve learnt along the way. It is for this reason that the qualities of reflection—found in fabrications and rich textural detailing—form part of the collection and a big part of the show set.

In our 15th year, that notion of forward thinking also tied into so many aspects of this show—looking ahead at growth and the eternal, timeless qualities that will continue to inspire our design, our brand and the Camilla and Marc woman.  

How do you draw from the collection when planning for the show?

The theme of the show is a creative process that starts with a strong creative brief. Every element of the collection—from the clothing to the production and set —starts with one creative vision.

What’s the best part about prepping for a fashion show?

Working creatively with such a big and amazing team. I can’t express how much appreciation I feel for all the long hours my team have put in. We’ve had hundreds of people working on our show from the creative, design, production, music and communication teams.

What is one thing that people don’t realise goes into putting on a show like this?

It’s such a huge process—it’s a eight month lead up with over 400 people working on the show which lasts all of 15 minutes. There’s enormous effort that goes into providing a wonderful branded experience for the guests that attend the show, and an equal amount of energy that goes into the digital experience we create for customers to experience all around the world.

What are you most looking forward to at Fashion Week Australia this year?

Creating an amazing and immersive experience for our guests and celebrating with my team post show.

Are there any new designers you’re especially excited to see present?

We love to see and support all of the established and emerging Australian designers throughout Fashion Week Australia. Supporting the Australian fashion industry is something we are very passionate about.


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