The Autumn 2017 Wardrobe Starter Kit—Here's What You'll Need

Lauren Eggertsen

Autumn is officially almost here, and chances are that figuring out the trends you should invest in probably isn't one of your top priorities—that's what we're here for. Instead of giving you an overwhelming laundry list of items you "need," we decided to narrow it down to a few key pieces you should buy to start a brand-new (and totally chic) autumn wardrobe. The goal here is to simplify and organise the crazy world of trends and seasons into one consolidated little package so you don't end up spending too much time or money on things you don't need.

In addition to shopping out variations of the key players every fashion girl's wardrobe should have this autumn, we have also given you examples of how to wear some of these trends, thanks to recent street style moments. Now, this isn't to say we are disregarding other seasonal styles, but instead, we are giving you a jumping off point that will set the rest of your purchases up for success. Are you ready to buy your most stylish autumn wardrobe yet? 

Go on to see the five items every fashion girl will have in her autumn wardrobe starter kit! 


Original Illustration by Stephanie Deangelis

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