Why This $3000 Coat Is Worth the Investment

Amanda Stavropoulos

When was the last time you treated yourself? Or at least made a guilt-free purchase that you didn’t feel funny about the second you put your credit card away. For a long time, I balked at a price tag that entered the four digits—that is, until I met my dream coat. Enter: A Burberry trench. This wasn’t the type of purchase that happened on the fly. It was carefully thought out, curated, and I made sure I could wear it with at least 847 different outfits before I made the investment. I summed up my thoughts into three points.

1) It’s waterproof

I live in Sydney, and as any Sydneysider knows, the weather is temperamental. One minute it’s sunny, the next there’s an ominous rain cloud in the distance. I no longer have to worry about ruining a leather jacket. Now, I keep my Burberry trench on hand at all times and throw it over whatever I’m wearing. This lightweight trench is easy to roll up and doesn’t take up too much room—so it’s perfect to carry on the move or when you’re travelling.

2) It’s versatile

If your social calendar is more up and down than a ride at Disneyland, a classic trench is all you need to have on hand. Hear me out. You can wear it to work (no matter what your profession, a trench always looks elevated), you can wear it on a quick supermarket dash for more Ben & Jerrys (throw it over your pyjamas—no-one will know), or wear it over your fanciest outfit for an after-dark dinner date. So. Many. Options.

3) You’ll always feel special in it

As much as fashion is about how you feel in what you’re wearing, it’s always nice to receive compliments about your look. A sleek trench coat will never go unnoticed, and you’re guaranteed to always look chic and put-together.

So how do you feel? Convinced you need to add a trench coat to your wardrobe? Keep scrolling to shop a classic Burberry coat.

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