In Defense of the Bucket Hat



I've shamelessly shared the fact that I've got a thing for dorky trends. I've pestered my dad about chunky sneakers, waxed poetic about Birkenstocks, and have been rocking Hawaiian shirts on rotation this summer. So it should also come as no surprise that I'm ready to bring back the bucket hat. There's a picture of my 4th-grade self (that's seared in my mind still) with a tangled mane of blonde hair running all the way down my back and an ombré white-and-blue bucket hat from the Gap squarely on my head. Chalk it up to nostalgia or maybe the fact that I'm just plain practical, but lately, I've recommitted to wearing the hat, especially when I'm planning on spending a day in the sun (because what's better than a trend? One that's practical).

Still, don't think that you have to be a dorky '90s kid (aka me) to want to wear the trend. I've seen my boss put an ethereal, sophisticated spin on it and my intern pull it off in a streetwear-chic way I'm probably not cool enough to re-create. The fact of the matter is that a bucket hat works no matter what your personal style may be. See the different ways we wear them and then shop my favorite styles below.

Are you ready to bring back the bucket hat? You've got plenty of options now!