Gimme More: Britney Spears Stars in Kenzo's Epic New Campaign

Erin Fitzpatrick

Kenzo is giving us what we never knew we needed: Britney Spears wearing a denim baseball hat, denim underwear, and thigh-high denim boots. The singer stars in the brand's newest campaign, and the photos, shot by Peter Lindbergh, are instantly legendary.

"La Collection Memento N°2 focuses heavily on denim and was inspired by the 1986 Paris runway debut of Kenzo Jeans," Kenzo explained in a press release. "But a more esoteric theme is 'Icons.' The Kenzo motifs (the tiger, The Great Wave of Kanagawa) are all featured heavily, as well as (for the advertising) Britney Spears."

Kenzo went on to explain how its star fits in perfectly with the brand. "Britney Spears. KENZO. Peter Lindbergh. What could at first seem an unusual trifecta, actually makes total sense when one learns that the collection is all about icons," the press release reads. "Britney is certainly an icon and the quintessential queen of denim. Of similar stature in the photo world is Peter Lindbergh, whose British Vogue cover of Linda, Naomi, Cindy, Tatiana and Christy ignited the age of the supermodel."

Read on to see the epic new campaign.

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