Where to Shop for Your Bridesmaids, So They Wear the Dress Again and Again

There’s no denying that weddings take planning... a lot of it. When you’re the one getting ready to tie the knot, there’s so much to juggle between finding a dress, booking a venue, and sending out invites that we don’t blame you if certain things fall to the wayside.There’s the common trope that some malicious brides choose unflattering dresses to make themselves look better, but has anyone stopped to consider that maybe brides are just too busy organising everything else that they don’t have time to worry about whether the bridesmaids gowns will look perfect on every single one of her closet pals?  

Obviously slightly less-important than the white gown itself, it can be easy to shrug off bridesmaid dress shopping as just another administration task that needs to be taken care of before the big day. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As weddings are becoming more unique, and bridesmaids dressing has never been less constrictive: Really, it’s free reign to add another creative aspect to your wedding as a whole.

Not only will stylish bridesmaid's gowns contribute to the overall aesthetic of the wedding, but if you pick the right ones, they have the potential to live long into your friends’ wardrobes beyond your wedding day. After all, you love these ladies enough to give them a role in the event, so why wouldn’t you want them to have a dress they really love and wear even after you’ve said “I do”?

Granted, finding flattering bridesmaids dresses that suit everyone’s style is much easier said than done. Unless your bridesmaids all happen to be exact carbon copies of one another, chances are you’ll be shopping for an array of body types and personal styles. And while you can’t cater to everyone’s preferences (it is your wedding, after all), it is within your power to choose a dress that every woman can work with and make her own be it through accessories or styling. To make the task a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Australian brands to shop stylish bridesmaids dresses. We would wear these dresses—be it at a wedding, or not—and we’re sure your wedding party will feel the same way.  Keep scrolling to see our picks, and be ready to be the most stylishly-attuned bride this season.

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