Summer's Bralettes Are So Good That We'd Wear Them as Regular Tops Too

Denim shorts, strappy sandals, bralette tops—there are few items that scream "summer" more than these do. Well now that we can safely confirm the arrival of our favorite season, it's time to wear these pieces that have been waiting patiently in our closets all year. Out of everything in my summer wardrobe, I'm particularly excited to start wearing bralette tops again. To me, nothing says "it's too hot out to wear real clothes" than passing off a pretty bralette as a crop top. I mean, now is really the only time of year where such a statement applies.

It's not just us, though. Designers definitely had the same idea in mind, offering a plethora of bra-like tops in their summer collections. Make no mistake, as this summer's array of bralettes are entirely too stylish to be worn underneath anything. It would truly be a shame if these cool pieces didn't get to live their best lives when worn with everything high-waisted that exists in your closet. If you're with me, you too are about to fall in love with the options that await you below.