The Only 5 Boots We're Living in This Winter

As temperatures continue to drop, there are only so many ways you can layer the sweaters and coats you have on rotation. One surefire way to keep things interesting without sacrificing warmth (or style) is to keep an inventory of versatile boots at the ready. From over-the-knee iterations (that are waterproof, thank you very much) to chic Chelsea booties for more everyday stomps, winter footwear has come a long way from the duck boots of seasons past.

Our brand of choice? SOREL. Check out our favorites from the brand below.

Contrast edgier lace-up boots in sleek black with a more feminine-feeling outfit, like a cashmere sweater and floaty skirt.

When thinking about how to elevate your jeans-and-sweater look, just add ankle boots. The block heel instantly helps pull an outfit together.

While tried-and-true black gets the popular vote, mixing up your shoe colors is another way to add spice to an outfit on a chilly fall day. Try tan, for instance.

The rubber sole of these classic tall boots keeps you grounded, while the chic leather adds texture.

The hidden wedge makes these cool off-duty boots comfortable to wear all day.

Which boot style are you investing in this season? Tell us in the comments below.

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