9 Ways to Use the App Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With

Gina Marinelli

It’s no surprise that the fashion world is obsessed with the Boomerang app. In an effort to share every pretty product and all the industry happenings in new and exciting ways on social media, Boomerang is the perfect harmony of both compelling visuals and brevity. But it recently dawned on us why fashion folk are good are creating these shareable GIFs. And we’ve broken it down to nine unique tricks and techniques they have mastered.

To prove that fashion girls are on top of their Boomerang game, the below examples run the gamut. There’s lots of strategic shaking and swaying of swishy hemlines, some supermodel hair tosses, and even a joyful jump at the site of a Valextra handbag (what else?).

Of course, each of these maneuvers can be copied, re-created, and made all your own. So, scroll down, take notes, and don't be shy about busting a move.

Below, the nine Boomerang moves fashion girls swear by.

The Ruffle Rumba

The Runway Victory Dance

The Head-to-Toe Twirl

The Whip 'n' Werk


Versace Versace Versace ????

A video posted by Karlie Kloss (@karliekloss) on

The Grand Opening

The Angelina in Action


The Jump for Joy

The Model Fit


Making Monday movessss ???????????????? #mondaymotivation

A video posted by Grace Mahary (@gracemahary) on

Have any other Boomerang best practices? Give us the details in the comments and shop a stylish iPhone case.

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