Prediction: This Forgotten '90s Trend Is About to Come Back

Amanda Bardas

We’ve already seen the return of mules, slip dresses, mom jeans, and cult-label resurrections (who else is dying to get a piece of vintage Tommy Hilfiger?), so it's with great pleasure that we’ve also noticed the return of ’90s layering staple—the boob tube. Or, as we prefer to call it in 2016, the strapless top. While off-the-shoulder tops have certainly ruled 2016 so far (and summer in 2015), we’ve started to see new warm-weather tops popping up. We’ve already mentioned tie-back tops as one style to keep an eye on for spring, and now the strapless top is swooping in to keep the bare-shoulders dream alive.

Once a ’90s staple—we remember Britney Spears and Mariah Carey wearing theirs with low-slung jeans—today, it’s had an upgrade. Wear it back with sweeping midi skirts, sleek trousers, and wide leg pants. Keep scrolling for six perfect outfit ideas and shop a style for yourself.

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