This Affordable New Site Sells the Best Vintage Pieces

Nicole Akhtarzad

If you love vintage but not the treasure hunt often associated with finding the best pieces, you’re not alone. Leaving us to think, Wouldn’t it be great if there was, say, a website you could trust to sell the best pieces spanning multiple countries? Enter Bonsergent Studio, the e-shop that curates clothing and accessories “from the past that can [and should] be worn today” and is based in both Paris and Barcelona. From statement jewellery to timeless knits and even Céline shoes, the site is the treasure chest you don’t have to trek to find. To give you more of an in-depth look at what we love about the site, we recently chatted Ben and Cristian, co-founders of Bonsergent Studio, and they answered all of our pressing questions.

Scroll through to read the full interview, and then continue to shop our top picks from Bonsergent Studio!

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Opening Image: Collage Vintage

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