WWW Exclusive: With Love, Jacqui Getty

Costume designer and stylist Jacqui Getty has long served as a source of inspiration at the WWW office, so when we learned she was taking a turn in the directors chair with a new fashion-based web series, we could barely contain our excitement! Premiering today on Look TV, With Love, Jacqui Getty gives viewers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look into the lives of influential designers, filmmakers, photographers, and iconic figures in the industry with rare and beautiful documentary footage"a must-see for all fashion aficionados. Exclusively for WWW readers, we have the first of four episodes featuring Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor of the line Skaist-Taylor. The episodes closely follow the designers as they prepare to launch their new line at New York Fashion Week. Scroll down to watch the episode and check out our quick Q&A with Jacqui Getty below!   Q&A with Jacqui Getty   What inspired you to make the transition from stylist/costume designer to documentary director? I just go where my passion lies, and my passion lies with people I love, the artistry of clothes, and film. I really wanted to document Pam and Gela doing their new line. I was inspired watching them create, and I wanted to pass on the inspiration. I am passionate about clothes, the history of clothes, and the people in my life who are artists. It isnt a transition"its an extension of me, and the people I love, and its a way to tell the story about the artistry of clothing.   What was your favourite part about filming the Skaist-Taylor episodes? Theres nothing better than learning and watching someone create. And the [Skaist-Taylor] girls are so much fun!   What part of the design process do you find most interesting? For Skaist-Taylor, I loved the mood boards and inspiration books. Watching them put those together taught me so much about where the design process starts. I was hoping girls would watch this and get inspired too.   Can you reveal some of the other people you shot for the television series? Ill be documenting my friends and family wherever there are fashion stories to be told.  

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