Who What Wear Hearts: Our Stylish Mums


Excuse this moment of humblebragging, dear readers, but as a staff obsessed with fashion, the WWW office is understandably comprised of some very stylish individuals. Although the designer runway collections and chic celebrities we cover daily always inspire us, we can all agree that our mothers were the first to influence our sense of style"and certainly our most memorable fashion role models! In honour of upcoming Mother's Day, we've already dedicated a story to a handful of trendsetting celeb mommasbut today we'd like to pay homage to our own lovely mums and grandmothers. Click below to see photos of these fabulous women in our lives who, through their own individual style sensibilities, taught us so much of what we know about fashion.

Carole Kerr: Mum of Hillary Kerr (Editorial Director) My mother is stunning"as you can so clearly see from this picture"but she always taught me that what really matters in life is inner beauty, a lesson I appreciate more and more. She's also a very happy person who wears equally vibrant clothes (her matching crop top and shorts ensemble is actually canary yellow!) that truly express her personality, and I try to follow her example every day. Love you Carole!  

Andrea Higgins: Mum of Liz Higgins (Graphic Designer)

This is my beautiful mum as a blonde"I have always seen her as a brunette so I chose this photo because I like to see her experimenting. She can do anything to her hair and it always looks amazing. What she taught me about style is not to follow the trends and everyone else, but to wear what looks best on you and set your own.   Cheryl Chiarot: Mum ofSarah Chiarot (Assistant Graphic Designer) At the risk of sounding extremely clichd, my mum taught me that the woman makes the clothes. She's a big believer in investing in smart basics and, with her effortless beauty, can get away with wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day.   Janet Kliest: Mum of Nicole Kliest (Photo Editor) My mum taught me self-confidence and how to apply your passions"the love for fashion followed.   Effeniaty Tse: Mum ofTiffany Tse (Writer/Editor) Since I was little, I've had a strong sense of personal style, despite getting bullied in elementary school for my wardrobe choices! But it was my mother who continued to encourage my love of fashion and showed me"by example"the importance of cultivating a sense of style that truly expresses who I am.   Parween Noory: Mum of Neelo Noory (Market Editor) My momma taught me that a manicure is a girl's best friend.   Tammy Baker: Mum of Jessica Baker (Associate Editor) My mum taught me that the key to achieving great style is choosing clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.   Bobbie Collings: Grandmother of Kat Collings (Assistant to the Creative Director) My grandmother taught me to mix high- and low-end jewellery, and that bright pink lipstick is a must!   Shelley Edwards: Mum of Lauren Hilger (Social Media Manager) My mum will always be the quintessential California girl to me, and I will forever try to emulate her effortlessly chic style. My mum, along with her three sisters and my grandmother, taught me the value of vintage. We have a fabulous collection of jewellery (both costume and real) from my great-grandmothers that we all take turns wearing.

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