Fashion Week Savoirs

I was browsing one of my favourite sites the other day""and was so delighted by their Fashion Week Survival Packs, I wanted to create my own. Now, I have NO photoshop skills and can barely take a picture, but I thought I'd try and create my own version of this delightful post nevertheless. Plus I've always liked the whole note-in-the-bottle idea, so if anyone out there is reading this and has NYFW necessities they'd like to add, lemme know! 1. Sunglasses There are many sunglasses worth noting, but when I travel, I always end up grabbing these military-issue aviators (I bought them on a base in Hawaii, yahoo!). Frankly though, any shades will do, especially if you have an after-party-then-early-morning-show situation on your hands. 2. Headgear It's freaking cold outside and I don't always have time to do my hair (side note: this is also when Klorane Dry Shampoo comes in handy), hence the hat. I love this beanie from's in house brand, Bop Basics. 3. Kindle I got a Kindle for the holidays (thanks Mika!) and I adore it. Currently reading Kelly Cutrone's book"which is great, thanks for asking"and appreciating the fact that le Kindle is super lightweight. 4. Belts I brought eight different belts to New York. Eight belts for six days. I'm a little sick, I know, but a belt can really help an outfit. My outfits, anyway. 5. Bright Lipstick You can't tell from this picture, but this is the new Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in a super bright pink (technically it's called Fuschia). It makes me look pulled together, even when I'm not. 6. Concealor There's little I love more than gorgeous skin. Unfortunately, mine is not always stellar, resulting in my dependence on Benefit's Erase Paste. 7. Tiny Altoid Mints The seats at Fashion Week are close together. Talking happens. Mints make that better. 8. My Blackberry Frankly, I'd prefer a typewriter and a rotary phone, but that's not really an option, now is it? 9. The best Band-Aids in the universe Activ-Flex Band-Aids are amazing. My Los Angeles-residing feet are wimpy, which means I invariably get blisters. These band-aids stay on for ages, keep my self-inflected wounds protected, and are basically clear. They are a necessity, I adore them. HK

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