Fashion Office with The Coveteur: Jenni Kayne

Explain your job in one sentence please: Fashion designer.   What is a typical workday like for you? Every day is different. Tuesdays and Thursdays I spend at my studio working on the collection. Mondays and Fridays I spend working between my West Hollywood and Brentwood stores, merchandizing, buying, and checking in. Wednesdays I am a mum and I pamper myself!   What is your go-to work outfit? I have a pretty boring uniform of high-waisted jeans, a t-shirt or a JK button down, and JK DOrsay flats.   How did you get this job? Did you always know you wanted it? From the minute I can remember I always loved clothes. I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer when my mum took me to a Chanel charity fashion show, I must have been 8 or 9-years-old. Linda Evangelista was in it and I was in awe.   What did you do before you started your company/freelance career? I started my business when I just turned 19, so not much!   What's the best part of your job? The worst? The things I love most are being inspired and making beautiful things and I love having stores to curate my vision. I think the worst part is how difficult it is!   How important is having a fashionable/chic work area? I like my office to feel clean and minimal so that it doesnt distract from my inspiration for the season. It needs to feel like me but disappear at the same time.   Do you email or use the phone more? Email.   What surprises you the most about your career? How much work fashion is; it's so much harder and less glamorous than people think.   What changes do you make to your look if you have to go to dinner or drinks immediately after work? I come home and hang with my kids first so there is always an outfit change. Throwing on heels and a lip always makes me feel better.   What items do you think every working girl should own (clothing and accessories)? A great tote; I love my Celine and Tampico Manhattan XXL ($205) totes to carry things from work to home and back again. The perfect pair of jeans; I love high waisted skinny jeans like Acne Flex Optic Skinny Jeans ($200) and J Brand Maria High Rise Legging Jeans ($180). Benjamin sunglasses or reading glasses"the Nicole is my go-to for both. A great daytime lipstick; I like NARS Lipstick ($24) in Belle de Jour or Casablanca. Jenni Kayne DOrsay Flats ($415). A great laptop case; I love my LV one I have had for years.   Do you use a Mac or a PC? (or Blackberry or iPhone?) Mac and I just moved to an iPhone and love it.   What do you listen to when you're working? Whatever playlist Cesar is playing in the office. Lately it's been the Crash soundtrack.   What do you try to teach your interns/assistants? Organisation and communication.   Have you fulfilled your career goal or do you still have more to achieve? A lot more!   What advice would you give to someone who wants to emulate your career path? Think twice, I love it, but it is 100 times harder than I ever thought it would be!

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