Cleansing with Kerr: Days 2 & 3 of Dr. Lipman's Detox Cleanse

Thoughts thus far: 1) Caffeine is the devil 2) I'm accidentally becoming a vegetarian 3) Fresh fruits and vegetables are not nearly as expensive as the amount of wine and cheese I normally consume. But wait, there's so much more! Day 2: Today is easier than yesterday. Wasnt quite so insanely hungry after shake 1 and shake 2, but Im still hungry for lunch at an ungodly early hour. Like so early its before Id normally have brunch, early. Lunch is homemade: leftover beans + greens with quinoa and the butternut squash with chickpeas with spicy curry seasoning that I roasted the previous evening. My hunger levels are surprisingly fine and I feel basically gooduntil 3 p.m. I dont know if this is my body shrieking for sugar or my brain screaming for caffeine, but suddenly I want to die. Or just have my head surgically removed from my body. Its hard to focus. It's like some evil person has my head in a vice and is slowly squeezing it. I feel like Westley in The Princess Bride when he's hooked up to the Life-Sucking Machine. Hours later, the vise around my head starts to loosen so I decide to do something radical: exercise. Im not sure this is the best idea or if I have the energy to do this, but I make it through an hour of cardio and conditioning at Tracy Anderson without too much difficulty (nor more so than usual, that is). At dinner I run into a problem. I have some Brussels sprouts that I need to make, but my normal/favourite recipe involves both bacon and sriracha, neither of which are allowed. This sriracha ban is really frustrating, but I googled up a great recipe for sprouts roasted in olive oil, onion powder, salt, pepper, and Dijon mustard, which totally worked and was downright amazing. I cooked some brown rice and tossed that into a bowl with the sprouts and some more of the squash/chickpea situation I made the night before. Its awesome, but my mouth is lonely for chocolate.   Day 3: The headache situation today is unquestionably better, but being free from the intense pain makes me realise that this cleanse requires some prepping if you are a hard-core caffeine addict. I drink a relatively small amount (or so I thought) amount of tea/iced tea every day"we're talking maybe 12 oz or less"and my head was quite angry without it. If you drink lots of soda or coffee on a daily basis, you definitely should start weaning yourself off of it before doing this cleanse. Otherwise you will hate your life. Since its the weekend, I only have time to drink one shake before my morning dance cardio class at Tracy Anderson. Im worried that it wont be enough to get me through, but I manage, although its a bit of a struggle. I spend the better part of the afternoon looking up recipes that work with the constraints of this detox and the shopping. Ive seriously not been to the grocery store this many times in a three-day period, ever. But no matter how much shopping I do, its never that expensive. Apparently wine, cheese, and dark chocolate dipped cookies are a smidge most costly than fresh kale and quinoa, a fact I knew but somehow forgot."Hillary Kerr For more on the cleanse, follow @hillary_kerr or visit Dr. Lipman's website

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