Behind The Scenes: Met Gala with Rachel Roy

The Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the the most fashionable red-carpet event in the world, so the pressure to look perfect is definitely on.When you're a designer, the stakes are even higher, as you're not only representing yourself, but your brand as well. While that situation would be enough to make most ice queens melt, the lovely Rachel Roy manages to do it gracefully, calmly, and while keeping her sense of humour intact. We got the stunning designer to give us a detailed account of her day leading up to the party, exclusively for, so be sure to read on for her behind-the-scenes Met Gala diary! 6am " Woke up with my girls. I love starting my day with them. Excited for tonight but lots to do today at home and the office! Immediately grabbed my iPad and started reading the news of the day. My favourite sites to cruise in the AM are: Deepak Chopra (reminds me to give myself a calm moment before the busyness of the day takes over), The Huffington Post for all the news (today was a crazy day with all the news from Pakistan), and of course 7:15am " Made breakfast for the girls " Ava loves Nutella on toast and Tallulah had strawberries and Cheerios. I made myself an egg white omelet with green peppers, tomatoes and Swiss cheese. I try to have fruit every morning so I made myself a grapefruit. 7:45am - Quick workout: Cardio! On the treadmill for 30 minutes. It really clears my head and makes me focus. Nothing to concentrate on except breaking a sweat and listening to music very loudly!! Today I listened to Kings of Leon, Jay-Z, and The XX. 8:30am " Dressed and out the door to walk Ava to school " looks to be an overcast day in New York City. This is our view as we take the elevator down from our apartment. 10:30am " At office for final fitting. Deciding between 2 dresses. Put both on again and of course got all the opinions of my girls in the office! Decided on what Im wearing tonight and I maybe see a peek of the sun from behind the clouds. 12noon " Lunch. A girl MUST eat to keep her energy up for a night at the MET! I had some chicken vegetable soup with couscous and half a turkey wrap. Good protein. Drinking a ton of water. Added a little lemon. Have to keep it interesting. 1:30pm - Met with design team on Spring 2012. September Fashion Week is right around the corner and we are busy locking in a theme for our presentation. 3:00pm " Checked into the Carlyle Hotel " I adore this hotel. It feels cosy and elegant and the perfect place to get ready (its a block away from the MET)! Love the view " feels like you are on top of the word. My team brings everything to make it a fun environment to get ready in: Jo Malone candles, champagne, and my favourite flowers. 3:30pm - My seamstress Rosa arrives to help me get into my dress. We always hang it and do any last minute steaming or adjustments while I get hair and make-up done. Rosa comes prepared with pins and thread for emergencies but theres no drama tonight " the dress fits like a glove! 4:00pm " In hair and make-up. I love consulting with my glam team on how to create the extra look Im going for. Lately Ive been into a strong matte coral or red lip " Nars Red Square is amazing. And eye lashes are ALWAYS a must. Tonight I am channeling a modern brown girl Brigitte Bardot. And for an important event like this, Bobbi Brown foundation " always flawless..... A la Liz Keiser from Bobbi Brown! 4:30pm " The crew from EXTRA TV are here to film all the preparations it takes to get ready for an event like this. I think its fun to capture all the behind the scenes action that you typically never get to see. 5:00pm " Its starting to get busy in here " Harry Winstons team just arrived with my beautiful jewellery! 6:00pm " Time to get into the dress! The key to getting into a formal dress is to have a little help. At least 2 extra people to help you get your dress on and make sure you do not muss your hair and make-up is important. A quick check in the full length mirror and Rosa checks my zipper and seams to make sure all is perfect. Shoes on, clutch packed! 6:15pm " My team! It takes a small village but Im lucky to be surrounded by smart and strong women so we actually have a great time getting ready for events " lots of girl talk and laughs! 6:20pm " Time to get in the car! The trick will actually be getting in and out of the car gracefully! Excited to see all my friends and the design community honour the extraordinary Alexander McQueen! pH: Getty Images

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