I Have a Closet Full of Blazers—These Are My 5 Favorite Ways to Wear Them

I remember my first blazer purchase like it was yesterday. I was twenty years old and had landed an interview for a summer internship at a digital fashion publication that I had my heart set on getting. I had nothing professional in my wardrobe at the time, so I frantically drove to a Zara location an hour away from my college campus to snag the last of a particular oversize floral blazer in my size. I also bought the matching skort, but I'm embarrassed to admit that I wore a skort to an interview, so we'll ignore that for now despite the fact that I did land the position.

Anyway, six years later and I've accumulated more blazers than I can count. Well technically the number is 11, but you get the idea: I own a lot of blazers. I started wearing them outside of the workplace a few years ago and have never looked back. They not only make even the most casual of outfits feel more polished, as you'll see below, but all of my oversize-fitting ones offer up a cool factor that you just can't get with any other outerwear. (Just ask Hailey Bieber!) Lately, I've been wearing blazers on repeat, styling them in these five specific ways.

Blazer + Ribbed Tank + Denim + Slides

Remember when every single one of your co-workers would show up to work in a very similar plaid blazer at least one day a week from October to February? Because same. I got so much use out of this one, in particular, the first year I bought it and still work it into my outfit rotations now. I love this simple styling idea for days when it's kind of fall, kind of not. Side note: That top is actually my favorite ever ribbed tank.

Blazer + Minidress + Combat Boots

I love how chic an all-black outfit looks 100% of the time, especially when a blazer is involved. Since I was already wearing combat boots, I typically would have gravitated toward a cropped leather jacket here, but the weather had other plans for me. I love how this 'fit came together with the blazer and am already brainstorming what other minidresses to wear with this one.

Blazer + Crop Top + Distressed Denim

I finally tossed all of the crop tops I wore to parties in college about a year ago. It was a sad, but necessary, task. Now if I'm going to wear a top that shows my stomach, it has to be under one of three circumstances: 1) I'm at or within a quarter-mile of the beach; 2) It's a fancier blouse that shows no cleavage; 3) I'm wearing a very oversize blazer on top. Here is an example of how I'd style a crop top for option three.

Blazer + T-Shirt + Biker Shorts + Sneakers

I'll admit that I was quite late to the party on biker shorts, but I'm most definitely here now. I recently started wearing them well beyond my workouts and don't plan to turn back any time soon. Pairing the shorts with a blazer, like this other plaid favorite of mine, feels very elevated while still allowing me to rock a comfy fit. Win-win.

Blazer + Cropped Jeans + Button-Down + Loafers

A button-down, loafers, cropped jeans, and a pinstripe blazer are all wardrobe staples on their own and make for an easy classic look when paired together. I don't think you can really go wrong with this one.

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