Proof That Blake Lively Is a Real Life Serena van der Woodsen

When I go shopping, it’s in jeans (but they’re Acne Studios!) and a tee, but when you’re Blake Lively, things are a little different. This morning, Blake (basically Serena van der Woodsen IRL) stepped out for a quick spot of shopping in New York City wearing a Michael Kors Collection 3D floral appliqué gown and studded Christian Louboutin heels. And you know what? She looks like absolute perfection. Getting ‘dressed up’ makes you feel good, so I’m taking a leaf out of Serena's book… I mean Blake's! And when I hit Glenmore Road in Paddington this weekend for some shopping, I’m getting out of my jeans and into something a little more special.

Keep scrolling to see the full look and shop pieces that are worthy of being seen at more than just special events.


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On Lively: Michael Kors Collection dress, Christian Louboutin Spiked Leather Pumps ($1926), Chanel Black Small Boy Bag.

What do you think about 'dressing up' on casual occasions? Will you give it a try? Share in the comments below.

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