Meet the Melbourne-Based Designer Proving Recycling Is Chic



Fashion Week Australia is fast approaching, and amongst the plethora of talented designers we’re excited to see presenting this year, Blair Archibald has us already planning out our Day 2 activities. After growing up in rural New Zealand, the designer founded his eponymous menswear line in 2013 and has since gained much-deserved recognition.

In 2017, BLAIRARCHIBALD won the Woolmark Prize for a coat he designed, which was cleverly crafted “from a combination of repurposed wool military blankets, recycled wool fibre and plastic bottles—compressed into a yarn so fine that the final product had a cashmere-like softness, Executive Style reports. The occurrence was no fluke, however, as Archibald has shown a commitment to sustainability in his designs and continues to do so as the brand grows.

Understanding the relationship between textile production and the environmental degradation it encourages within the fashion industry, the brand works closely with mills in Italy to ensure that the materials used in its garment production are manufactured in a way that is sustainable. In addition to this relationship, the brand is currently working towards collaborating directly with the mills to create its own textiles to ensure 100% traceability of the fabrics which the brand’s garments are made of.

While the brand is already clearly more thoughtful in its garment production that more, its accolades don’t stop there. The designer has also experimented in the past with repurposing “military surplus products such as parachutes and wool blankets” into textiles, according to the brand. Therefore, BLAIRARCHIBALD is simultaneously sourcing responsible materials while also recycling waste that has already been produced, which in turn stops those materials from piling up in landfills as well.

Though the brand’s designs are geared towards men, Archibald embraces a genderless attitude towards his clothes. In addition to doing well for the planet, Archibald aims to do well for the people within it by creating clothing that anyone can feel good in—regardless of how they identify. At the brand’s MBFWA debut, the label’s latest collection will be showcased on both male and female models while attempting to highlight the importance of recycling within the fashion industry.

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