Black Friday Is *the* Time to Buy Expensive Beauty Tools—Prioritize These 18

Black Friday is obviously a great time to stock up on all the things—makeup, skincare, clothes—you name it. But you know what it's especially handy for? Investing in those pricier beauty tools you might otherwise leave on your wish list. Now, hear me out. Although many of these skincare devices might seem like a gimmick, technology has come a long way. Many of these devices are now a full-on home facial, and I'm not really mad about it. Who doesn't want clear, glowing skin from the comfort of their own home?

Now that the deals are officially rolling in, I say take the plunge and direct some of your Black Friday budget to one of these gadgets while they're temporarily reasonable on your wallet. Whether you're on the hunt for a good roller, microdermabrasion device, cleansing wand, or facial sculpting kit, keep scrolling below for all the best beauty tools that are lower-priced (just for the weekend).

This tool is a cult favorite among celebrities, and I can't say that I blame them. It's a facial-firming tool that lifts, sculpts, and massages the face without any invasive procedures. I'll take five, please, while it's 20% off through November 29.

Bring the spa home with this luxe facial steamer. It delivers an extra dose of hydration to the skin while clearing out pores of any congestion. It's a must-have for your winter skincare routine. Get up to 30% off select Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare items through November 29.

Dermaflash's award-winning facial device minimizes the appearance of large pores and promotes clearer skin. It's powered by exfoliation and infusion technology that clears pores and helps increase the absorption of your other skincare products. Seize the moment and get it while you can. Receive 30% off select Dermaflash items through November 29.

I've never seen a youth-promoting facial device quite like this one. Normally, that price tag is pretty steep, but if you've been wanting to invest in a device that smooths fine lines and wrinkles, now is the time to act. Snag it for 20% off through November 29.



This NuFace gift set comes with a mini hydrating microcurrent device, gel activator, brush, and travel case. It contours and depuffs the face for a tighter, sculpted look. You can buy one for a friend or yourself now that it's 30% off through November 29. I support either, really.

This at-home dermaplaning tool is already pretty budget-friendly, but you can buy one for an even bigger discount. Enjoy 20% off sitewide with the code SKINSAVINGS20 on until November 28 (excluding bundles).

ORA's micro-needling pen stimulates collagen production and helps reduce the signs of aging. It even has an adjustable needle head and a built-in vibration mechanism that goes even deeper into the pores. Now's your chance to get it for 30% off through November 29.

If you're into facial cleansing devices, try Foreo's Luna 2, a tool that rids the skin of impurities and helps reduce fine lines. Bonus: It even improves the absorption of your other skincare products. Get it for 30% off starting today through November 29.

For improved skin tone and texture, try Lancer Skincare's at-home microdermabrasion device. It exfoliates and suctions dead skin cells to reveal your most radiant complexion. It even comes with an extra tip to try out the device on the rest of your body. Normally, it's quite a hefty investment, but you can get it discounted 15% through November 29.

Another facial cleansing device we've heard great things about is this tool from PMD. You might as well give it a go while the price tag is lowered. Receive 30% off select PMD products through November 29.

Face-rolling seems to be a very polarizing topic. Some love it; some hate it. But I, for one, do it daily and have seen massive improvements in my skin. If you've been wanting to test one out for yourself, try Jade Roller Beauty's Rose Quartz Roller while it's 30% off (through November 29).



This beauty tool pairs extremely well with your favorite eye cream and serum. It's an innovative sonic massager that restores firmness to areas of the face that tend to lose elasticity, including the brows, lips, cheeks, and chin. It's 20% off through November 29.

Skin Inc Supplement Bar's chromotherapy device is now 30% off through November 29. The tool includes a total of five LED lights for five different skin benefits. So basically, you're reaping five times the benefits at an incredible discount.

If you're not into expensive lip-plumping treatments, why not try a device that has the same effect temporarily instead? This one is already pretty wallet-friendly, but you can snag it for 30% off through November 29 as well.

Skin Gym's facial-massage device kneads all the tension out of your face after a long day. I don't know about you, but I could always use some of that. Go get one for a temporarily cheap price. Skin Gym is offering 25% off sitewide through November 30, free shipping on orders over $50, and a free mini rose quartz roller with every order over $75. Use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY21.

The sonic vibrations in this lifting tool take it to the next level. It sculpts, defines, and relaxes facial muscles.

This little set comes with a soothing lip balm and exfoliating brush for your softest lips yet. The lip balm also has hyaluronic acid in it to plump, hydrate, and protect the lips. It's 20% off through November 29.

Another microdermabrasion tool to stock up on is PMD's Personal Microderm Classic. It acts as a powerful handheld pore vacuum to clear away dull skin on both your face and body. Its discs are also coated with aluminum oxide crystals that help soften the appearance of wrinkles and large pores. Now is most definitely the time to invest in one of these babies.

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