Are Bike Shorts Really Coming Back in Style?

Amanda Bardas

Thanks to Kim Kardashian, bike shorts are making a very unexpected return, and while they haven't reached the mainstream just yet, we're thinking it won't be long until you start to see them everywhere. 

How could this actually happen, I hear you ask? Well the answer is quite simple. Fashion is cyclical, and it was only a matter of time until the '80s activewear staple made its return. (Plus, just think about how obsessed the fashion world is with leggings at the moment—bike shorts are the next logical step).

While they were once worn layered under a leotard (like Jane Fonda), today they're used more as a layering tool. MSGM, Emilio Pucci, and Alexander Wang all sent them down the runway worn under oversized jackets, dresses, and skirts—not serving any purpose other than to add an extra layer of interest.

Kim Kardashian, the mainstream champion of the trend, is taking a more mixed approach to the trend, and while she's wearing them layered under longer pieces, she's also not afraid to make them the focal point of her look.

Unconvinced? Scroll down to peep them on the runway, on Kim Kardashian, then shop a pair to test it out yourself.

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