The Out-of-the-Box Outfit It Girls Are Wearing

How is it that we spot and claim certain styles as an official trend? Probably because we follow every major influencer in the biz. When a new trend comes around, it's only a matter of seconds before girls like Reese Blutstein and Alyssa Coscarelli flood your feed with their iterations of whatever it is that's causing all the sartorial hype. This summer, the one outfit It girls from all around the world are wearing bike shorts with blazers. The combination seems odd at first, but once you see how these girls are styling bike shorts for summer, it will all make sense.

In general, combining two unexpected articles of clothing together has a major capability of producing a standout look. A blazer, a staple piece in anyone's wardrobe, paired with an extremely hyped-up trend like bike shorts? It's a surefire win in this day and age, and it's no surprise fashion's favorite It girls were the first to test out the duo. Ahead check out some of our favorite summer blazer–and–bike short outfits while shopping the pieces you need to re-create the look, which we highly recommend by the way.