8 Style "Mistakes" Fashion Girls Notice

Aemilia Madden

Collage Vintage

Let's be honest—we all have outfits we look back on with a slight pang of regret. Hey, no one is perfect, and we've definitely held onto pieces a little too long or tried trends that didn't work out. But as we like to emphasise, the beauty of fashion mistakes is that there's always something we can learn from them, or at least from the people who notice them. To help clue us into some of the style mistakes fashion people tend to notice (and have admittedly made themselves), we tapped a few industry trendsetters to share their secrets.

Below you'll find the eight "mistakes" that stand out to the pros most. You'll notice they all boil down to one thing: It's always better to stay true to your own sense of style. Whether it be trend overkill or forgetting great basics, you'll find it easy to avoid these faux pas in your day-to-day life. Read on to see the style mistakes fashion girls never make, and then shop a few cool pieces to add to your winning wardrobe.

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