The One Thing I Look for in Workout Socks



If you've made the effort to get out of bed, get dressed, and make it to the gym, the worst possibility is that your workout is sidelined by something as small as your socks. But as it turns out, socks can be the make-or-break piece of a workout outfit. Having socks that slide down your heels, or worse, don't offer enough coverage to prevent blisters, can mean the end to even the most optimistically planned time at the gym. So when I'm looking for the best workout socks, I always focus on styles that are high enough to offer the coverage I need.

Whether it be tall sport socks, ankle-length, or just low-cut socks with a well-placed lip at the back, I always make sure my socks will protect my heels. All it takes is one bad blister (and I've had many) to learn that it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to workout socks. Read on now to shop the best workout socks for your next gym visit.

Understated but comfortable.

Available in size M. 

Great for the avid hiker.

Available in one size.

Bombas will donate a pair of socks for every pair purchased—cool. 

Available in sizes S to M. 

Socks for the minimalist.

Available in sizes 1 to 2. 

The perfect mix of sporty and chic.

Available in one size.

You'll avoid blisters in these.

Available in one size. 

Designed to handle whatever comes your way.

Available in one size. 

Sporty and chic all at once.

Available in one size. 

You'll be comfortable breaking a sweat in these.

Available in one size. 

If color is your thing, these are ideal. 

Available in one size. 

Wear these with your running sneakers.

Available in sizes 6 to 12. 

Preppy with a sporty twist.

Available in one size.

Now you're ready to hit the gym.