Where to Find the Coolest Workout Clothes If You're a Size 12+

Lauren Eggertsen


The fact that most sizing is restricted to a (on average) 0 to 12 or XS to XL scale is ridiculous. Women shouldn't have to feel victimized by sizing systems while shopping, especially for workout clothes, so today, we're here to praise a few brands that are doing it right. We chose 5 retailers that not only offer sizes beyond a 12, but that sell the trends and styles everyone's talking about. 

Whether it's a supportive sports bra you're in dire need of or simply need a fresh pair of flattering high-rise leggings, we've got the retailers and the prices that will bring you joy. Ready to shop? 

These were just a few of our favourite retailers that offer extended sizing in the workout clothes department. If you have personal favourites that were not included here, be sure to let us know about them.

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