Here's Where We Really Shop

Kristen Nichols

Collage Vintage 

In the age of the internet, tracking down new pieces to add to your closet can be as easy as clicking “complete order.” In a few short days, a box will arrive at your doorstep with the items you’ve carefully selected. Knowing where to shop, though, can sometimes be tricky to narrow down. But as editors for Who What Wear, we are constantly researching the newest fashion trends and where to buy the coolest pieces online. So, when it comes to knowing the best women’s clothing websites, you could say we are experts at knowing where to shop.

Since the wild world of the internet is vast and styles are different, I asked Who What Wear’s editors to weigh in on the online stores they frequent when making purchases for themselves. Here, they are sharing the online retailers where they’re constantly clicking “add to cart”—and I even threw mine into the mix.

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