31 Winter Boots You Should Buy From Nordstrom Before They All Sell Out

Not to stress you out or anything, but winter is well on its way, meaning that before you know it, you'll be ankle-deep in snow, slush, and icy mystery water of all kinds. If you live where the sun shines 24/7 (L.A., we're looking at you), then the desperate need to stock up on the best winter boots might not make sense to you. To those of you who know what it's like to look outside, see the snow falling, and realize your weather-proof boots are nowhere to be found, you get it. The stress is real, and there's no way you're about to mess up all of your favorite suede boots just for a quick jaunt around the block. No, not at all. New winter boots are in order.

To ensure you are proactively prepared with the correct seasonal footwear, I scrolled through all of the best winter boots at Nordstrom and narrowed down my favorites to an impressive amount. I don't know about you, but when I think of winter boots, I think of something unattractive, bulky, and unstylish. But thanks to the wide variety at the beloved retailer, we have 31 pairs of winter boots that prove footwear can indeed be stylish and practical all at once.

The shoes our editors can't stop raving about.

Every fashion person owns these by now. 

Since you probably already have one too many pairs of black boots in your closet. 

These boots got me through so many rough New York winters. 

Winter boots that are still sleek. 

I own these and can't praise them enough. 

This rich color really sets these apart. 

I would wear these with tailored trousers and a big sweater. 

Every fashion person is wearing these right now.

All the cool girls are doing it.

One more pair of Dr. Martens because they are the best winter boots ever. 

That sole is mezmermising. 

I'm loving a brown boot this season. 

Another pair of boots I dream about. 

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This post was originally published on an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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