The Best Way to Wash a Hat

The Best Way to Wash a Hat



There's technically no one specific time of year to wear hats. It's a year-round accessory—esepcially baseball caps—but once the cold-weather season rolls around, it becomes a staple piece to ensure our noggins and ears stay warm and toasty (and are protected from the frigid wind chill). Because it's an accessory we wear almost nonstop during this time of year, a hat can quickly collect dirt and oil from our hair and from the debris floating in the air. So cleaning it every once in a while is also very important. But what exactly is the best way to wash a hat? Of course, this depends on what type it is (and its material). Below, we break down exactly how to launder a baseball cap and a knit hat. Read on for an easy-to-follow washing guide and then shop our favorite hats for the season ahead.

Baseball caps

A baseball hat can quickly gather dirt, sweat, and other debris, especially when worn to a sports outing. But cleaning it is fairly simple because you can actually throw it into the washing machine. 

1. Throw in the washing machine.

Wash the baseball cap with like colors on a delicate cycle and in cold water. Note: Do not use bleach, even on a white cap.

2. Help the cap maintain its shape.

To ensure your baseball cap doesn't lose its shape while in the washing machine, clip it into a cap washer

Knit hats

You're probably gearing up to wear your favorite knit hat on repeat now that the temperatures are steadily dropping. To ensure you have a fresh, clean hat to wear all season long, wash it by hand (Pro tip: Avoid throwing it into the washing machine). 

1. Fill your sink with cold water.

The first step is to fill your sink (or a bucket, whatever you prefer) with cold water. This is where you will be washing your hat.

2. Use a mild detergent

Add a drop or two of detergent into the cold water and mix around the water-detergent solution.

3. Place the hat in water.

Drop the hat into the solution, gently using your hands to gently squeeze the water through your hat. Then, rinse off the soapy residue with cold water.

4. Dry the hat.

Avoid wringing the hat too much. Instead, gently squeeze out all excess water, and then roll the hat up in a towel to soak up the rest of the moisture. After this, place the hat flat on a rack (or another fresh towel) until it's completely dry.

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