Put Your Phone Away: It's Time to Bring Back the Elegant Timepiece


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Thanks to the advent of the iPhone, watches are less essential than they used to be. However, we’re here to stand up for the sartorial importance of a classic timepiece. Much like the perfect waist belt, a watch is something that can really polish of an outfit in a way that just makes you look so much more put together. A good watch is like your wardrobe’s version of red lipstick, if you will.

And the good news is, no matter your style, there are watches on the market to perfectly compliment any vibe. Whether you’re more into silver or gold, whether you’re preppy or sporty, there’s a perfect watch out there for everyone. Chances are, once you get into the habit of wearing one, your outfit won’t feel complete without it.

We’re also all aware that too much screen-time can have a detrimental effect on our health. If you rely on your cellphone to tell the time, chances are you don’t just stop there, but also check emails and Instagram while you’re at it. Even a quick click of the home button can sometimes turn into unintentional time spent on your device. Phone addiction is real, and relying on it to tell the time is no way to kick the habit. 

By investing in a watch, however, you can stay on time without having to rely so much on your phone. The benefits are twofold, and your well-being and style will simultaneously improve with the addition of the perfect watch to your accessories collection. Sounds like pretty good deal, right? If we’ve convinced you that it might be time to start shopping for a new watch, keep scrolling to see some of our favourites.  


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