20 Sleek and Stylish Wallets to Add to Your Purse



If you don't yet own and/or use a wallet, that's all about to change. The small-but-mighty accessory is a must-have for those who prefer an organised, efficient way to tote around their cash, credit cards, coins, and receipts. Because there's nothing worse than having to go through your purse while paying for, well, anything. Instead, hold all your MVP valuables (the aforementioned bunch, plus coffee punch cards, rewards cards, business cards, etc.) in one safe place—i.e., a wallet.

Ahead shop our edit of some of the most stylish and practical wallets for every lifestyle (and every purse size), whether you find yourself holding on to receipts from every single purchase (hence, a billfold with many, many pockets may be needed) or if you're a true minimalist who only carries the essentials with them. From minis to fit into your miniature handbags to clutch-styles, these are the 20 best wallets for women.

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