Fashion Girls Swear By These Vintage Jean Brands


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There’s one piece of clothing every fashion girl owns. It’s not a dress from an of-the-moment brand or a designer bag or even the season’s It shoes—it’s vintage denim. Yep, you’ll find at least one pair of vintage jeans in their closets. Vintage jeans are a classic standby, but they are definitely having a moment right now. Rigid denim with a high rise and straight legs are winning out over other styles like skinny jeans with stretch that have been popular over the last decade. But where is the best place to buy them?

To find out, we turned to fashion girls to see where they buy their favourite styles. Whether you’re interested in finding true jeans from the ’90s or vintage-inspired denim, we’re bringing you the very best places to buy them.

Go on to shop the best vintage jean brands and find out exactly where fashion girls find the styles they swear by.

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