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Vintage engagement rings



We're quite sure an engagement ring would be welcome at any time of the year, but engagement season is a thing, and we're in the middle of it. This time around, though, we're taking a break from engagement-ring trend coverage and how much to spend on a ring to talk about a type of engagement ring that'll always be in style: vintage.

Vintage engagement rings are perfect for the wearer who wants a bit of history with their bauble or who simply doesn't want to wear a ring that looks like everyone else's. But the journey of vintage engagement ring shopping is a daunting thing to embark on, so we're here to help. We scoured the internet for the sources that are filled with unique options from different eras, whether you're a fan of Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, or Georgian styles (to name a few). We ultimately narrowed it down to nine retailers that have the best assortment of fashion girl–approved, one-of-a-kind rings.

Keep scrolling to learn more about them and shop our picks from each site's current offerings.

1. Trumpet & Horn

Downtown Los Angeles–based Trumpet & Horn's well-organized site divides its vast array of stunning rings according to era, making it easy to narrow the options down if you're partial to a specific style.

Our picks:

The detail on this late Art Deco vintage ring is stunning.

This Modern-era Emerald ring is incredibly unique.

The amazing center diamond cluster is sure to wow.

2. 1stdibs

An auction site, 1stdibs deals with "the world's most sophisticated collectors, designersand curators," according to its webpage, so you know you're getting a quality product. The assortment of thousands of vintage engagement rings listed on the site is, frankly, mind-boggling.

Our picks:

3. Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is another must-see if you want options. The site specializes in custom engagement rings, but its selection of vintage rings is quite strong, especially the Art Deco options.

Engraved floral motifs decorate the diamond on each side.

This is perfect if you're looking for something uniquely different.

4. Doyle & Doyle

Doyle & Doyle is an NYC-based jeweler with a small, well-edited selection of unique rings.

5. Eragem

If you're looking for a vintage engagement ring with a large diamond, look no further than Eragem. The Washington-based jeweler stocks rings of every carat size imaginable, both (very) big and small.

This round brilliant cut Tiffany & Co engagement ring is timeless.

The antique rectangular cut of this diamond is so unique.

6. The One I Love

The One I Love is another well-edited site with a small selection of cool girl–approved options separated by era. Be sure to follow its Instagram account for the latest arrivals at its NYC shop.

8. Erstwhile

We were floored by New York–based Erstwhile's ultra-unique selection, which features colored stones, an engagement ring trend that's still going strong.

This emerald and diamond engagement ring will incite all the compliments.

9. Etsy

While Etsy can be overwhelming, it's also a very fruitful source of vintage rings, many of them well priced. Just be sure that you're dealing with a reputable seller with high reviews from other Etsy users.

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