13 New Clothing Items That Will Change Your Life When Travelling

Allyson Payer


If you've ever travelled in the wrong clothes, it probably left you thinking never again, right? I, for one, am very much guilty of choosing travel outfits in the past simply because they were cute, and later kicking myself for it mid-route. But I've realised that looking cute and dressing in clothes that allow for mobility can be synonymous. Recently, I've come across several pieces that fit the bill perfectly. 

When I travel, I look for pieces that I can layer and that won't take up a lot of room in my carry-on tote if I need to remove them. And as much as I love to wear shrunken leather jackets and 100% cotton jeans, they make me miserable when travelling. But luckily, fashion brands understand that we now live in a world in which comfort is paramount, and they design accordingly. Keep scrolling to shop the new clothing items on the scene that will solve all of your travel outfit-related conundrums. 

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