The Topshop Pieces Fashion Girls Will Buy This Month

Lauren Eggertsen


We'll keep this nice and simple—you love shopping, we love shopping, so here's what we should all shop right now. Ready? Topshop's new arrivals are currently on fire. Not to be dramatic, but we quite honestly need most of the items from the coats to the knits to the Adidas track pants that will burn a hole in our hearts if we do not own them ASAP. 

If you're sensing a wee bit of urgency here, that's because we know how Topshop works. The best things tend to sell out, and when that happens to an item you've been eyeing, it ain't fun. So grab these while they're hot because we'll let you in on a little secret—the smart fashion girls of the world already are adding these to their carts. And you're a smart fashion girl, too, so we suggest you quickly follow their lead. 

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